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About IMSF

About IMSF

 imsf_group_new.jpgThe International Maritime Statistics Forum (IMSF) has been in existence since the early 1970s' and was started by an informal coalition of statisticians in international maritime-related institutions. Its objective is "to promote harmonisation and improvement in quality and scope of statistics within the international maritime industries, by means of ongoing work programmes and by affiliation with prominent national and international maritime institutions".

IMSF members have organisational ties to government, trade associations, port authorities, shipbrokers, carriers, data providers, universities, research and other international organisations generally interested in the subject of maritime statistics.

The full membership is invited to meet annually to exchange ideas and share the results of their work in relevant areas; smaller groups liaise as required, often on a regional basis, to work on special projects of mutual interest. Recent annual meetings have been held in Lisbon, Hong Kong, Oslo, London, Copenhagen, Gothenburg and most recently in Athens.

The IMSF is responsible for developing a number of recognized standards which have been, or are in the process of being, adopted by governments and international bodies including the European Commission and United Nations. Current projects include the development of a variable, to be incorporated into leading vessel databases, indicating the country obtaining primary economic benefit from the operation of individual ships.

No membership fees are levied on members, the only costs being travel and subsistence for the annual or regional meetings. However, we do ask members to actively participate in the Forum's activities.

IMSF CONSTITUTION (ratified at IMSF Conference in May 2012)

  • The name of the organisation is the International Maritime Statistics Forum (IMSF).
  • Objectives are to promote harmonisation and improvement in quality and scope of information and statistics within the international maritime industry.
  • One full meeting of the IMSF takes place each year and is referred to herein as the Annual Meeting
  • The Forum is managed by a Steering Group which comprises the IMSF Chairperson and Secretary and up to six steering group members nominated by members and endorsed by the Steering Group.
  • Following the first Annual Meeting subsequent to the adoption of this constitution, the Chairperson, Secretary and other Steering Group members shall be appointed for a fixed, renewable, three year period; any vacancies occurring during that time may be filled by co-option at the discretion of the Steering Group. At the end of the three year period, existing members must be offered the opportunity to nominate individuals from within the membership to stand for election as Chairperson, Secretary or Steering Group member. In this event appropriate, secret ballot elections for Chairperson and/or Secretary and/or Steering Group (all members) must take place; the electorate will comprise of qualifying attendees at the following annual meeting. If no nominations are forthcoming and existing office holders are willing to continue, they will be reappointed for a further three years. The Steering Group will be responsible for convening the Annual Meeting and co-coordinating elections.
  • IMSF Membership is by invitation and open to individuals from organisations actively involved in a maritime industry. Nominations for membership are approved by the Steering Group.
  • An organizational membership directory is available on the website,
  • Eligibility to vote in elections will be confined to members who have previously attended at least two full Annual Meetings in the immediately preceding three years. Voting will be limited to one vote per organization.
  • No membership fees are levied with members expected to bear their own travel and subsistence costs and encouraged to participate in the Forum's activities.
  • The Steering Group will have full responsibility to manage the affairs of the IMSF including co-opting and/ or replacing Steering Group members between elections. Decisions within the Steering Group will be taken by a simple majority vote subject to a quorum of five members with the Chairperson having a casting vote in the event of an equal division of votes.
  • Changes to this constitution can be made by a majority vote of the Steering Group.